Julia is attending Fieldston Outdoors day camp this summer and, lucky mommy, they have a bus service that picks her up in the morning and drops her off in the afternoon. Talk about hitting the lotto!

Pickup time is 7:30 a.m., which she loves because she is the first one on the bus and gets to sit up front, where she can greet all of the other children as they enter. While we have to rise and shine a little earlier in the morning, I love it because I can get in a full day’s work while she’s off.

Taking your child to and from school is a job all in itself.

While I had some unheard-of time to myself the other morning, I decided to walk to 125th Street and treat myself to a cup of coffee at Starbucks. 125th Street takes on so many different personalities, depending on the time of day. The morning air was beautiful so I decided to stroll across the avenue and take in the early morning scene.

One thing you can count on is that there’s always something interesting going on on 125th Street. In front of the sneaker store Hoop Dreams was a barrier and a line of Generation Y members (young people between the ages of 18 and 25) that had formed.

Quiet and orderly they were, waiting for the store to open s they could be the first on their block to have the new Foam Puff sneakers. A young man on line was kind enough to clue me in and point them out. I have to admit: They are dope. Electric blue and black, with soles that no doubt make you feel as though you’re walking on sunshine. I asked, “How much do they cost?” The young man replied, without stuttering, “$206.” Whoa.

As I peered inside, the customers were let in a few at a time, following in line, military style, to where they were handed a pair of the sneakers in their size already bagged up, only to step up to the cash register, pay and head right back out the door. I’ve never seen anything like it before. No milling around, no trying them on; it was all so regimented and everyone knew the drill. I have to tell you, though, if I were just a tad bit more eccentric I would have joined them and gotten a pair myself.

But enough of my rambling-you want to know the gossip. Things have been pretty quiet, so there isn’t too much to tell. Everyone is off sunning or trying to get there.

The Winery, located on 116th Street, continues to have great wine tastings on Friday evenings, a good way to calm down at the end of a long week. Plus, the clientele is quite eclectic, so you never know who you are going to meet.

Happy birthday to Father Daryl James, who threw himself a birthday bash barbeque. Carol Brantly, who married her long-time sweetheart last January, also hosted a big blowout that got rained out. Not to worry, though, guests just continued to rub elbows-literally-as they took the party inside.

Postponed but not canceled is Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson’s golf outing. Originally scheduled for Thursday, July 14, the date has been changed to August 20th, but everything else remains the same. Now you still have time to register.

The summer season has officially started in the Hamptons as Sag Harbor Hills hosted a wine tasting to celebrate the community’s 60th anniversary. Emceeing was Pam Pickens, who actually has quite a sense of humor as she introduced her father, Bill Pickens.

Bill, who was there with wife Pat and son John, knows the history of Sag Harbor like the back of his hand-his family was among the first to settle there in 1909. Hugh and Martha Lynch were also among the first to purchase land on the East End after the war. Next were the Grangers and Oliver and Juanita Holder who came along to develop the beachfront area, all between the years of 1947-1949. Of course, you’d need Mammett of the Spaulding family to fill you in on more of the details, which somehow elude me. All I know is that the community exists now and they give some swinging parties.

Wines for the tasting were graciously donated by Harlem Vintage, located at 2235 Frederick Douglass Blvd. You can visit them in person, online at www.harlemvintage.com or give them a call at (212) 866-WINE-I’m sure they will be more than happy to help by supplying the perfect wine for any occasion.

Attending the event at the gorgeous home of Edglon and Renee Simmons were:

  • Nancy and George Jordon
  • Ed and Joann Dudley
  • Carlton and Thelma Holms
  • Kendall and LeVerne Flowers, guests of Paul and Jennette Burnett for the weekend
  • Bunny Ledford and Eric Coleman
  • Earl and Virginia Arrington
  • Cloe Stentson, who helped hostess
  • Albert Granger and his sister Bebe
  • Buddy Johnson, the golfer
  • Lynette Johnson
  • Shaw Taylor
  • Ralph Dawson
  • Eric Taylor
  • Gladys Barnes
  • Appellate court Judge Cheryl Chamber
  • Teressa Manning and her daughter Cassandra
  • Jackie Johnson
  • Russell Eberhardt

Also on hand was artist Nancy Brandon with her painting, “Sun Rising,” on display, borrowed from the private collection of Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Cave. Replica posters were for sale and those who bought one received a raffle ticket for a great bottle of wine. You’ll never guess who won. Give up? It was Cheryl and Teressa-oh my.

Until next week…kisses.