Stanley Wright was a jazzman who lived in the community. For years he lived a peaceful existence, until his body was recently found, the victim of a grisly death. He was not particularly well known beyond the jazz community until his body was discovered last week in a trunk in his Bedford-Stuyvesant home.

Wright was well traveled and particularly well known abroad. On the website, a site dedicated to an ensemble cast of musicians from the U.S., Canada, France, Africa and the U.K., he is described as having “participate[d] in a lot of Brazilian groups like Tango Do Brazil and West Indies groups like the Grammacks.”

Over the years, the talented saxophonist became famous in France and played in the most fabulous Parisian hotels: Georges V, Plaza Athenees and Grand Htel, to name a few. Performing in 61 countries around the world, he recently filled his love of live music by integrating the DamDistrict band, the website said.

Wright was found in his home dead from stab wounds to the chest and neck. Various news agencies report that the back window of his home was broken, a clear sign of a forced entry.

Neighbors and loved ones describe him as a kind man, and according to reports the Brooklyn resident would allow neighborhood kids to play his instruments, at times giving free lessons-a rare find in our current times.

His talents transferred to his children, the most prominent of whom is actress N’bushe Wright. She starred in the film “Dead Presidents” as Delilah Benson, and later in the smash hit “Blade” as Dr. Karen Jenson.

Wright is survived by N’bushe and two other children. He was a widower-his last wife passed away some years earlier.

Wright was also a former Brooklyn middle school teacher and had performed at Lincoln Center-an accomplished man indeed.

Wright, who was also known as Sulieman-Hakim Wright, was 62.