Your home is like a stage set. You are the star, and its design should fit your lifestyle. If decorating is not your cup of tea, consult with a professional or flip through pages of a home design magazine for ideas.

Recently, Marina Miloradovich opened an interior design coaching firm here in Harlem. In the span of a few hours, she offers her clients an outline, navigation map and a few trade secrets to help them decorate and design their homes at their own pace.

In-home design, colors, original design concepts and making sure your home reflects your personality are Miloradovich’s strengths. She also works closely with you and will trim her decorating budget to fit your needs. Setting trends for colors or design concepts usually happen by accident and by third-party inspiration.

The colors of this summer’s translucent kaleidoscope will flow into fall and winter. The tonalities will become more opaque. Blues and celadon will turn pine and moss green. In marketing terms, color references to leaves, snow, grass and water stand firm.

For design and your home, people are the starting point, and they should last much longer than a season. There are no more rules. Any combination works. The lines of furnishing favorites will continue to become simpler and, therefore, much more sophisticated.

Miloradovich moved to Harlem in 2005. She landed in interior design when she was hired by Peter Marino Architect in 1995. Due to her European background, having lived in France and Germany, she was selected to work on the firm’s largest design project.

Since then, Miloradovich has worked on unique residential design projects in New York, London, Marrakech and France’s Bordeaux region. Her largest project to date was creating the interior design for a semi-private 17-story building on Lexington Avenue. Her work has also been featured in home design magazines.

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