If you let the Jets tell it, they won the Super Bowl last Monday. Okay, even the Jets won’t take their 17-3 win over the Giants that far. However, they did pat themselves on the back for what was essentially an ugly win.

The defense was solid, but the offense proved once again that it will need some time to get in sync. Mark Sanchez’s numbers (8 for 16, 64 yards, 1 TD) were pedestrian, the running game was less than impressive and most of the Jets’ receivers got few chances to excel.

Nevertheless, a win is a win in the NFL these days-and the Jets have become used to winning ugly.

Sanchez thought the team held it together well under the circumstances. Considering the events of the last two weeks-an earthquake followed by a hurricane-can you blame him for feeling that way?

Said Sanchez: “In a rivalry game like this, we have to keep our cool and be sharp. I was proud of the guys for playing through everything, staying strong and staying poised.”

Poise and focus will only take the Jets so far. Outside of Santonio Holmes, who caught a 17-yard touchdown pass late in the second quarter to give the Jets a 7-3 lead, it was a tough night all around for the Jets.

Truth be told, with Hurricane Irene pounding the East Coast last weekend, it probably wasn’t fair to expect the Jets, or the Giants for that matter, to be firing on all cylinders. Even with the extra day, neither team was able to take advantage of the extra time they had.

It’s still the preseason, however, and the Jets will get one more chance to get things right when they host the Eagles tonight at 7:30. You probably won’t see the Jets’ starters for more than a series, though. Hopefully that is all the time they will need to get it together.