As school starts gearing up for session again, it’s easy to assume that many students are sad to see the summer end.

For four young students, however, this assumption is wrong-it’s contrary to their goals and aspirations for the school year.

Lohen Parchment, 16, is a senior at Suffield Academy. The Bronx native is proud of her culture and plans on helping her school move forward.

She said her intentions are to “get into a good college with a scholarship. I also want to unite the Black students [at school] because we are very separate. We only have one meeting together the whole year, and students hide their feelings about being Black at school.”

Parchment described how she plans to unite the students of color at her school. “I want to run the multicultural club and have us do more things together, have discussions and appreciate each other’s cultures.”

Brandon Madden, 17, is a senior at Glastonbury High School. He has aspirations of his own: “I want to become the editor in chief of the literary magazine in my school. I have been there [the magazine] for four years, so I hope I get the leadership position. I want to get accepted to Hofstra University and improve at producing music and song writing.”

Ayanna Clarke is a freshman at Georgia Southern University. “Of course I want good grades, and I want to get started on my nonprofit organization. I just want a good year,” she said.

Kayla Monroe, 17, is a senior at the Ethel Walker School. Monroe is not only a promising young pupil, she is also president of the student body. “I want to help the transition of the underclassmen go smoothly. I just want a community where everyone is comfortable to be themselves,” she explained.

These four young students have a busy, full year ahead of them. Surely, with big goals like theirs, they will each have a successful year.

Have a great school year!