Tiny Revolutionary has launched “Giving Tee,” a T-shirt collection that evokes a sense of social responsibility in children and adults that’s making news on the streets. With their controversial animal, environmental rights and antiwar designs, Tiny Revolutionary’s presentation of bold designs and witty taglines encourages all to make a significant change.

This line of charitable partnership tees capitalizes on two trends: charitable giving and fashion tees. “We want to make super cool fashion tees that mean something, whether it’s to promote education in countries affected by the AIDS virus or provide musical instruments and lessons to homeless children. Our goal is to make the world a better place for all, through enriching the lives of our children,” explained founder BreeAnne Clowdus.

The shirts are available at www.tinyrevolutionary.com in infant to adult XL sizes. They are manufactured sweatshop free using non-toxic and water-based inks. Price points range from $20 to $35.

There are four styles in the collection. The first, the Save a Child’s Heart tee, provides lifesaving heart surgeries to babies and children in poor and war-torn countries. The $44 retail price, which includes a $20 donation, can fully fund a child’s surgery and save a life with a sale of only 500 shirts.

The One Village at a Time tee gives education and support to struggling communities in Africa, particularly those areas hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic. The $30 retail price, with a $10 donation, provides food, medical care and education to children orphaned and infected by the AIDS virus.

The Hands to Hearts tee makes the world a better place by sharing critical knowledge about early childhood development to communities compromised by poverty and conflict. The $35 retail price, with a $20 donation, pays for all of the materials needed to conduct a thorough training session for an entire village of caregivers. They eventually save lives, as the orphanages who receive this training report massive declines in infant mortality and illness.

The Rock for Kids tee makes music education a reality for all children regardless of income level. The $30 retail price, with a $10 donation, provides music lessons and instruments for homeless and underprivileged youngsters.

Tiny Revolutionary puts its money where its mouth is with its “Tiny Bucks” program for charity. Customers earn one dollar to go to charity for every item they purchase and get to choose the recipient from a short list of approved partners at checkout.