American Girl has begun selling a new doll and book series about, Cecile Rey, a black girl who becomes best friends with Marie-Grace, a white girl living Cecile’s hometown of New Orleans.

The second black doll in American Girl’s historical characters series comes 18 years after their first black doll, Addy Walker. For years black parents and children looking to American girl for books and dolls had Addy Walker, a doll’s whose story involved running away from slavery and search for her family lost during slavery. While many in the black community are happy to see a less stereotypical black, American figure within the company, others say the change is long overdue.

“I don’t think you should praise people for doing what they should be doing already,” said Nayaba Arinde, Amsterdam News Editor. “It’s 2011 and celebrating the fact that a black doll is not a slave is overrated.”