Tracy Reese: Elegant, classic, romantic for spring '12 (39630)
Tracy Reese: Elegant, classic, romantic for spring '12 (39629)
Tracy Reese: Elegant, classic, romantic for spring '12 (39628)
Tracy Reese: Elegant, classic, romantic for spring '12 (39627)

Tracy Reese’s fashions are perfect for a Sunday afternoon. At her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presentation at Lincoln Center this weekend, the looks were ladylike, modern yet sophisticated. Her dresses are soft, often frilly, with Reese’s signature dressmaker details. For spring ’12, hats (by Jennifer Ouellette for Tracy Reese) are back, and they’re usually tilted to the side.

Reese’s collection achieves a feminine yet relaxed mood through the juxtaposition of romance and sport. Reese’s clothes are comfortable yet very flattering. Dresses are softly styled with a design technique paired with lean, refined silhouettes. Skirts are flirty. She focuses on new proportions that feature a modern fluidity.

Hues are subtle, such as khaki and blush mixes. Her pastel shades include waterfall, misty blue and aqua tears, and there is a gradual intensity to the deep tones. For this show, makeup was by Mally Roncal for Mally Beauty and hair was designed by Jeanie Syfu for Tresemme. Men’s clothing designer Jeffrey Banks enjoyed the show.

I met up with Constance C. R. White, the talk of the town, at the Lincoln Center shows. Her recent appointment as the new editor-in-chief of Essence magazine is hot news. Formerly with the New York Times and eBay, White is also an author. Bringing to the magazine a wealth of style, she is a terrific pick for the position. You can already see the difference in the magazine’s August and September issues. Everyone wishes her the best.

With an intimate desire to create beautiful things, Reese is an African-American designer and native of Detroit. In 1982, she arrived in Manhattan to attend Parsons School of Design, from which she received an accelerated degree in 1984. Upon graduation, she apprenticed under Martine Sitbon while working at Arlequin, a small contemporary firm. She has also worked at Women’s Portfolio.

In 2007, Reese was inducted as a board member of the CDFA. Over the past decade, the Tracy Reese name has become synonymous with frothy dresses and print-driven heirloom fare that women across the globe can’t get enough. She also has an extensive knowledge of color, fabric and form.

Each season it becomes more evident that her clothes are timeless. Her designs are wearable looks that evoke sophistication and elegance. Reese’s approach is deliberate, combining modern craftsmanship with vintage flair. She creates a look that is clearly her own.

The Tracy Reese label has become a mainstay in the fashion industry. She continues to develop a strong design philosophy by staying true to her point of view. She has collaborated with several other top brands including Sally Hanson, Hue and Keds.

Bright colors, unique prints and intricate patterns define this designer. A consistent fashion favorite among industry insiders and celebrities, she crafts timely detailed frocks that make a statement. Her clothes are easy to wear.

All three of Reese’s collections are sold nationwide in top department stores, specialty boutiques including the Tracy Reese flagship store in the Meatpacking District and retailers throughout Europe and Asia.

Good show!