WSJ wonders if "Black Women should Marry Outside the Race? (38336)

The Wall Street Journal, has decided on September 20th to launch a discussion concerning interracial marriages. According to the WSJ, the questions which lead to these need of discussion are :”Are black women who date outside being disloyal?… are women who “love across the color line” actually helping black men by correcting an imbalance which has depressed black marriage rates”

The Journal proposes to people to give their opinion via their camera. These comments will actually be part of a study lead by Ralph Richard Banks, Stanford University law professor and author of “Is Marriage for White People?” and Demetria Lucas, relationships editor of Essence Magazine and author of “A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to-Girls for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life.”

On average, people are not really participating the debate by giving their opinions, but they are rather questioning its real relevance today in 2011.

The comment that best illustrates and summarize most of the comments let on the website is:

“Why are we even debating this issue on the WSJ??? I definitely think it’s a valid topic in the context of African Americans commenting on issues within their own community, but honestly as a non-African American I feel like it’s silly for me to tell what people of other races should or should not do.”

These reactions have not changed the WSJ’s decision to keep the question open. What do you think about it?