50 Cent's Last Lawsuit Dropped (38581)

Yes, superstar rapper 50 Cent has been in and out of court for copyright issues. However, his latest one has taken a positive step forward. That’s right-his last lawsuit was recently dismissed.

The issue dealt with “Before I Self Destruct,” a feature film included with 50’s 2009 album of the same name. He had been accused of stealing some key phrases from a 2008 book, “The Preacher’s Son-But the Streets Turned Me Into a Gangster,” written by Shadrach Winstead.

“With respect to the various specific phrases and lines that Winstead alleged that our client took from the book, we demonstrated that many were misquoted, manipulated or not in the movie at all, and that, in any event, they were non-copyrightable short phrases or unpredictable expressions used in the ‘street’ such as ‘get the dope, cut the dope,’” said a 50 Cent representative.

Congratulations, 50 Cent, for winning your last lawsuit. You deserve nothing less.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful week ahead.