John Legend to Produce New NBC Comedy Sitcom (38566)

: Singer John Legend is now officially a television producer. NBC has picked up a new family comedy inspired by executive producing partner Mike Jackson’s childhood.

Entitled “Mixed Blessings,” the new sitcom will tell the story of a popular hip-hop artist living the dream and enjoying life until he finds out he’s the father of a teenage son. Father and son will have a hard time connecting due to a culture clash between the life of a hip-hop artist and a son who was raised in the suburbs by a white family.

Also on the project are former NBC executive Teri Weinberg and Rob Pearlstein of “Medium.” Legend’s production efforts will stem from Get Lifted Film Co. points out that this marks the first major foray into TV for Legend and Get Lifted Film. It’s also the second high-profile comedy project at NBC this season with an A-level singer attached as a producer.

Here’s wishing John Legend much success with his forthcoming NBC “Mixed Blessings” sitcom.