Just as the days before, there were hundreds of protesters in Zuccotti Park for the Occupy Wall Street movements. Many were hanging out in the park, keeping the momentum alive playing the drums and guitars. Others were busy doing interviews with various media entities, spreading their message to the world. The “working groups” in the park, providing different services to the people, were functioning in unity.

Since the protests have begun, people want know exactly what the protesters are fighting for. On the 17th day, that still seemed to be the main question. Henry James Ferry, a protester who has been at Zuccotti Park each day since the beginning of the protest would like to hear from those elite who work on Wall Street, who he calls them the top 1%.

Ferry said he would like “open honest dialogue about moving the country forward.” He believes the most of the protesters are concerned about many issues including education, affordable healthcare, infrastructure, and bringing the troops home.

A self-proclaimed citizen’s journalist, Ferry is working to get the voices of the people out there. “It’s a difficult story to tell,” he said.

On day 17, no one knows when or how this will end, but it is clear that it is growing to be more complex as the time goes on. What started out as a fight against the billionaires on Wall Street now seems to be developing into a multi-issue protest. “This is an organic thing,” said Ferry.