“Women are a canvas and they should look good all of the time,” said Renee Greenstein, one of the owners of the brands Women with Control and Attitudes by Renee and host of the lines’ hit QVC segments.

Women everywhere are amazed that the city-styled sportswear collection-including cropped pants, cargo pants, boot-cut trousers, leggings, shorts with flexible waistbands, tops, straight skirts, jackets and dresses-sells out so quickly on QVC. What’s the secret? Everything fits so well. It’s all about control-and most of the items are priced below $50.

It’s all about “No More Wiggle, No More Jiggle,” the trademarked phrase that’s actually a dance. You must see Greenstein on QVC to learn her moves.

The Two Chicks in the Back Room’s design focus is on smartly shaped, classic cuts in a two-way stretch fabric, a combination of 14 percent spandex and 86 percent cotton knit. Clothes hug your body rather than control the shape. Tops are shapely, some beautifully printed and well-fitting.

The line is designed to allow women to look good and feel comfortable yet well-dressed. To the question, “What about length?” Greenstein simply replied, “For petite sizes, inseams are 28 and a half inches. For tall sizes, inseams are 34 inches, and for Missy sizes, inseams are 31 inches.”

To Greenstein and her business partner, Randie Vladimir, it’s all about those numbers. “Of course, if you have good legs, you should wear shorter lengths. Age has nothing to do with length,” they advised. Dress notes: Slim legs look smart with a tunic or dress.

The Women in Control and Attitudes by Renee lines are available through QVC at www.QVC.com or 1-800-345-1515.

Born in Canada, Greenstein started her fashion career as a fit model. She knows that if your clothes don’t fit, they simply don’t work in everyday life. She gained experience working with designers and patternmakers, and learned the importance of making sure clothes fit “real women.”

After years of receiving compliments from other women about her own clothes, Greenstein decided to launch her own jewelry and clothing line. “My aunt gave me my first Chanel suit at the age of 14,” she recalled.

Attitudes by Renee is an upscale line inspired by Greenstein’s philosophy: “Every woman, no matter her size or shape, has wonderful and unique assets, and her clothes and her accessories should help her express herself.” Clothes in the line are easy to wear and care for. These sportswear pieces fit a real woman’s body with an edgy slant.

The jewelry is glamorous, including the “Life is Half-Full” pendant that’s half-full of gemstones of garnet, blue topaz, citrine, peridot and amethyst shapes, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Inspired by Greenstein’s love of life, art museums and her sense of color and texture, her designs for Attitudes by Renee are available through the Casual Living Catalog and on QVC and QVC UK.