At Hue-Man: modern manners guide offers inspiration to young women (39973)

Stephanie Hunt, founder and director of New York-based etiquette consulting firm Swan Noir, is proud to announce the arrival of a guide to modern-day manners entitled “Poise, Posture, Presence: A Guide to Decorum for Ladies.” The book is the first volume in a planned series of guides on the art of self-presentation for girls and women. Hunt will be making an appearance at Hue-Man Books on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

“Poise, Posture, Presence” encompasses everything from how to rise gracefully from a chair to the proper way to accept a colleague’s business card in Japan. It offers a wealth of information essential to any young woman who wishes to excel in both the world of business and society at large: how to deliver a firm handshake, how to write an effective thank-you note, secrets to the art of networking and tips on protocol while traveling abroad.

At the end of each section are a series of discussion questions, answers and mentor notes designed to facilitate conversation and reflection between young ladies and their role models.

While the book can be used as a reference manual for women of any age, it is intended to be an educational tool to provide an excellent way for mentors to reach young women.

Hunt is a specialist in etiquette and communications. She trained at a prestigious finishing school in London and is certified by the International School of Protocol in Baltimore. In 2007 she founded Swan Noir, a consulting firm and school of etiquette for children ages 6-18 and adults of all ages. She has also worked privately with the United Nations International School, the Girl Scouts, the Children’s Aid Society and the NAACP.

Believing that “when you know better, you do better,” Hunt teaches children, teens and adults about dining, social graces and communication skills in order to build the self-esteem and self-confidence that lasts a lifetime.

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