Dear Editors,
Does the Department of Education really have a legitimate selection process for students who took the specialized high school exam? During the 2010-2011 school years my daughter took the Specialized High School Exam to get into Stuyvesant and Brooklyn Tech High schools for the following year but was denied with no real reason. Our daughter Jordan Pressley scored somewhere between the low to mid 600’s on her test and she didn’t even get a chance to finish. Upon contacting her former classmates she found that most of them scored in the 400 range and were accepted to both previously mentioned high schools. When I asked several Regional staff members what the selection criteria was to get into a specialized high school they all had a different response to the question. Long story short no one knew. Can anyone give me a GOOD reason why this happened? Why is no one investigating the DOE and making them accountable for these types of mistakes? How do you send a kid with scores like Jordan’s to a school that has trouble keeping kids from bringing white rum and vodka in water bottles, weapons, and drugs to school according to the building safety officers.I want justice for my daughter.
I was told by all the DOE employees I spoke to, which are too many to count, she should just have to wait it out for a year until she retakes the test for the 10th grade. Wow, are they serious?