Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang, both fashion designers and cosmetic gurus, have enjoyed tremendous success with their diffusion collections. It is evident that when visionary brands offer their expertise at a more widely accessible price point, folks welcome these products with trusting arms.

Based on over 10 years of research, Kinerase, the well-known clinical skin care brand, is introducing Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase, the newest addition to its potent portfolio. It’s a luxurious line of skin care products.

Kinerase has a history of creating high-end, luxurious skin care products for both the clinical side, with Kinerase Pro+Therapy, and the prestige side, with their core Kinerase collection. This is the first line of skin care products available at mass-market retailers nationwide to offer clinical-strength kinetin, an anti-aging advancement for beautiful, youthful skin.

Dr. Laurence LeWinn is one of the world’s most esteemed plastic surgeons. He founded the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia and continued on to become an associate clinical professor of surgery at the Hershey Medical Center Pennsylvania and director of the Plastic Surgery Institute in Palm Springs, Fla. Inspired by his celebrity clientele, he created a topical skin care collection.

The Dr. LeWinn Research Center is dedicated to ongoing research to ensure that these products contain the most advanced ingredients and innovations available in the world today.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, the creators of Kinerase, recognized the potential of combining the insights, advancements and technology from these two leading areas of medical skin care research. They partnered with the Dr. LeWinn Center to create this new product, a hybrid of skin care products for today’s modern woman who needs a more accessible price point.

The Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase product portfolio consists of 10 cleaners, moisturizers and daily treatments to give you the flexibility to personalize your anti-aging regimen. The line uses clinical-strength levels of kinetin to visibly extend the skin’s youth by improving cell health.

Kinetin exists naturally in the DNA of plant and human cells and has been clinically proven to provide benefits to human skin. Kinetin slows down visible aging by recharging cells to stimulate skin’s natural protection and repair mechanisms. As a result, skin noticeably acts, looks and feels younger.

Kinetin is effective for all skin types. It works without exfoliating or forcing cell turnover to deliver efficacy without irritation, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin.