Gaddafi's death stirs grassroots ire (38310)

“Obama betrayed us,” December 12th Movement co-founder Viola Plummer boomed at the corner of 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard this past Saturday. “You cannot tell me that 5 or 6 million people were deathly afraid of this one man-Muammar al-Gaddafi-for 42 years.”

Interviewed on Tuesday on WVON-AM in Chicago, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called Gaddafi’s death “an assassination” perpetrated by the United States, Britain and France.

After nine months of an American-, NATO- and European-supported violent uprising by forces opposed to his 42-year rule, Gaddafi was captured and killed by rebel forces on Thursday, Oct. 20. (See story on Page 2 for more.)

After NATO forces fired on his convoy in Sirte, he was dragged from a hiding place, beaten, taunted and shot in the head, reportedly on the way to a hospital. Calls for an international investigation have come in loud and clear.

“Obama sanctioning the killing of Gaddafi is the ultimate Black-on-Black violence,” said book vendor Dr. Jack Felder, a retired educator, as he sat and watched the marchers in Harlem on Saturday afternoon going past his row of African-centered books.

“Obama should know that we voted for him because he was Black,” said Plummer. “But he betrayed us. There is nowhere to go but to us. Some see this as a defining moment: If some can get over the treachery of the killing of Gaddafi, Obama loyalists will vote for Obama; those who are conflicted won’t. I know we won’t be there. But who are they gonna run against him that can win?”

“Long live Gaddafi!” shouted a crowd of people behind her, banners and green flags raised high.

Some seemed confused, others were caught off-guard and still more raised a fist or a chant in support of the dozens of marchers who walked down 125th Street to 116th Street and back up to the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building.

“He was a hero!” the protestors chanted as they condemned Gaddafi’s violent end brought about by Western-supported rebel forces.

“We don’t have the kind of mass media that talked about the good things he did in Libya,” Plummer lamented. “They are now talking about sending troops to the Congo, to the Central African Republic, Uganda and Somalia. We are smart enough to know that there are no other resources-these greedy people have sucked everywhere else dry. They see us as the last bastion.

“The struggle in the so-called Middle East was an opportunity for them to get in and create the so-called rebels,” she said.

“Africa has lost one of its proudest sons, murdered at the hands of United States, French, British and Italian imperialism and betrayed by imperialism’s African and Arab puppets,” said Omowale Clay, a December 12th Movement member who led the chants during the rally and march.

“Gaddafi died in combat and, as he told his people, at his post. We join the people of Libya in mourning its leader and understanding that the same forces who murdered Gaddafi are the same Wall Street criminals and its NATO police thugs who exploit and repress our communities,” Clay said.

In September, Farrakhan and the December 12th Movement held a rally in Harlem demanding that the West remove itself from Libyan affairs, as land, oil and the ouster of Gaddafi was their real mission and they should not interfere in internal matters that posed no threat to a foreign nation.

Instead, Farrakhan said on Tuesday, they have awoke the ire of those will seek to avenge Gaddafi’s “assassination,” since these outside forces have “succeeded in being the authors of the successful assassination of a sitting president…No one can trust the United Nations because it is a pawn of the Western world. No nation will give up their weapons of mass destruction like Gaddafi did because it is the only protection they have against the wicked witches of the West.”

“Gaddafi is an African hero,” Councilman Charles Barron told the Amsterdam News. “What the Americans, NATO and Europe conducted was nothing but an assassination. Europe and NATO and America cannot solve Africa’s problems. Only Africa can.

“Gaddafi was using the wealth of Libya’s oil to set up a $70 billion bank account for African nations to borrow from without interest so that they did not have to deal with the International Monetary Fund with their agenda to recolonize Africa. Gaddafi was calling for the United States of Africa. He understood that he was Black and an African.

“He built a satellite so Africans can use that for their cell phones instead of Europe making $500 million a year,” Barron continued. “Gaddafi was seen as the biggest threat because he was anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and pro-Black.”

He noted with disgust, “Anybody who can celebrate the inhumane and barbaric nature of his death-as he was captured alive and then murdered on YouTube- is sick. For Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to say, ‘We came, we saw, he died’-she should be fired for those remarks and Obama should be ashamed for celebrating another African man’s murder. It is unconscionable.”

Barron predicted that America and the West will now control Libya’s vast wealth through the “so-called rebels, who had enjoyed free health care, free education and no homelessness under Gaddafi.”

He determined, however, “Libya will rise again. Gaddafi and Mugabe of Zimbabwe are friends of Africa.”

Meanwhile, the December 12th Movement International Secretariat is organizing a “Tribute to Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi” and a Pan-African Unity Forum. They will host the event on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 6 p.m. to “honor the legacy of Libyan leader Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi.”

Attorney Roger Wareham said, “The tribute will trace the historic revolutionary struggle of the people of Libya against the feudal monarch King Idris and the creation of the Libyan Jamamariyah; Colonel Gaddafi’s support of African liberation struggles against colonialism on the continent and throughout the Diaspora; and the building of the African Union.”