Another boxing first for Don King (38230)

WealthTV and its father-son owners will get their baptismal moment this Saturday, Nov. 5 at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Fla.

Charles and Robert Herring will be guided along by Don King, the King of Boxing, who will host the big fight card on Saturday, headlined by the defending World Boxing Association (WBA) Cruiserweight champion Guillermo “El Felino” Jones, from Colon, Panama. In the challenger’s corner is the popular and continuing to rise, two-fisted Mike Marrone from Vero Beach, Fla.

Jones enters the ring sporting a fancy 37-3, 29 KO record. Marrone, who will be gunning to prove he is a self-help slugger and hardly a slouch, will bring an eye-popping 20-3 record, with 15 KOs, into the Seminole Hard Rock Casino boxing ring.

King, as the world knows, is the best heavyweight boxing promoter in the world, with more records on his shelves than Blockbuster. The Herrings, as newcomers in the sport of boxing promotion, will hopefully be running sooner rather than later with the big boys of boxing television, namely HBO and Showtime, the two networks that King worked with in promoting the biggest grossing Pay-Per-View boxing events in history.

The tireless King of Boxing may well spin his magic again, as he noted, “bringing boxing back to the people.”