“There are drums outside my house,” said Samantha Thomas a local Harlem resident. “I think the protestors are here.”

At 10:30am local elected officials, labor union representatives, members of Occupy West Harlem, and grass roots activists met at 181st Street and St. Nicholas Avenue to begin a 11 mile march, called “End to End for 99%,” that will eventually end at Liberty Park, the home of Occupy Wall Street.

The march plans to head down St. Nicholas, across 125th street and then down Broadway until it reaches liberty park all the way in lower Manhattan.

“Our communities have been devastated by the economic assault on middle class and poor families, even as Wall Street has enjoyed a historic financial bonanza,” said State Senator Adriano Espaillat (Manhattan/Bronx) in a press release for the march. “We are marching together because we want to stand up for the 99% who have been left behind in this economy and build a stronger society that works for all Americans, not just the select few.”

The Occupy Wall Street Movement, United NY, New York Communities for Change Project, NAACP, Alianza Dominican, Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, Community Board 12, Centro Altragracia, and many others have supported and joined the march, and many individuals (political and otherwise) are expected to join the march at certain points.

In a press release for the march Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez said: “When we march on Monday, we’re marching for jobs, we’re marching for affordable housing, we’re marching for a millionaire’s tax. On Monday we are marching to let the city know that the 99% in Northern Manhattan are calling for justice.”

*The Amsterdam News has a reporter on the scene, check back for updates soon.