Herman Cain (36149)

One of the burning questions in the political realm nowadays is the puzzling relationship between David and Charles Koch and Herman Cain.

How is it that two brothers with a deep and abiding commitment to the tenets of the John Birch Society, with its ultra-right hatred of Black Americans, end up in bed with Cain, a leading contender for the GOP presidential nomination?

Does right-wing conservatism trump race antimony? Is Cain’s anti-establishment, anti-Obama stance the attraction? Maybe it was Cain’s announcement the other day that he is “their brother from another mother” that joins them at the spine.

Say, “Koch-Cain”? Yeah, maybe that’s the mix, and like someone on cocaine, their entire view of reality is often distorted, delusional and loaded with pipe dreams.

Cain certainly must be on coke given the confused responses he’s offered for the allegations of sexual harassment. He’s changed his story so much from interview to interview that he’s lost track of the answers, and they are doubling back to make him look like a complete nincompoop.

However, that has apparently not harmed his chances at all among his addle-brained constituents as he continues to hold his own in the polls with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. In fact, since the scandal broke, he’s raised $1.2 million.

Additionally, the fact that most Republicans recently polled by ABC (is that “American Black Conservative”?) believe that the scandal is much ado about nothing is consistent with their belief that Obama is not an American.

Yep, the candidate’s followers have just about overdosed on the Koch-Cain mixture, and through the haze they can see with each toke or toot that the future is brighter and brighter.

When Cain broke out in song after his speech before the National Press Club the other day, he removed all doubt about his mental state as well as his singing voice. To sing that Jesus or the Almighty looked “beyond my fault” is not only to confuse your venue, but to mistake the estimation of your talent.

No doubt about it, Koch-Cain can be dangerous to the body politic.