If you shop for healthy food, you will not only save a lot of money, but you will get a wealth of health.

Something has definitely happened to our society. Have you noticed that supermarkets and hospitals sell a great many things that cause disease? Can you imagine, under the same roof, supermarkets sell foods that cause disease and the drugs to treat them? I can’t believe it. I know hospitals that have, on their first floor, a fast-food restaurant that sells stuff that is full of fat, sugar and salt. These same hospitals are filled with folks who have hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, all of which are definitely related to fast food. The only thing hospitals have done positively for health is to discontinue the sale of cigarettes, and that took a long time. I recall that,years ago, one could obtain cigarettes from a machine in the waiting room.

The other day I was in a supermarket to pick up a prescription. A couple behind me had their supermarket basket filled with fatty meats, canned goods, soda and desserts. Unfortunately, both of the patrons were obese. They were laughing and walking, having a good time with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. The laughing soon ceased when the pharmacist gave them the price of $125 for the two drugs that they were purchasing. One drug was for hypertension, the other for diabetes. The woman almost fainted. She told the pharmacist that there must be some mistake, “No!” he replied, “This is your medication.” The lady opened her pocketbook to give him a charge card, but he told her that was the only card they didn’t accept.

A little embarrassed, she went back into her pocketbook and took out her wallet. From the deep recesses of the wallet, she took out two, well-folded $100 dollar bills that she had apparently been saving for a rainy day. I felt so sorry for her. Here she was, standing with a shopping cart full of disease-producing groceries that cost less than the two drugs she was holding in a neatly folded white bag. What is wrong with this picture? You guessed it. We are eating ourselves to death and into poverty.

Get a hold of yourselves, folks! Take charge of your life and money. Eat to live, rather than live to eat. Stop eating all that junk food and you will save your health as well as money for a rainy day, which could be just around the corner.