Legendary factologist Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, a.k.a. Dr. Ben, was admitted to Harlem Hospital over the weekend after being diagnosed as suffering from dehydration and slight malnourishment.

On the verge of celebrating his 94th physical day this upcoming New Year’s Eve, Dr. Ben is one of the last true African scholar warriors who was not only educating youths in the classrooms, but was also presenting the information to the Black community in the streets where the everyday common people live.

Having devoted his entire life to helping educate the masses about the Motherland’s true past, Dr. Ben has been influential on the cultural development of some of the greatest abolitionists of the past few decades, including: El Hajj Malik El Shabazz/Malcolm X; Allah, the Father; Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad; and a host of other notables.

“Dr Ben is still here for a reason, and we as an African family need to understand why that reason is. He’s the one who pointed us to the Nile and the significance of the Black man and his family. Understanding his great work is important and a valuable learning tool,” asserts Brother Reggie Mabry-Sons Of Afrika.

Biological and communal family members have been monitoring the elder griot’s health very close lately. A Sunday visit to his bedside found him to be completely coherent, in good spirits and optimistic about an early exodus from his present confines.

Although Harlem Hospital staff specified that they are not permitted to share information regarding Dr. Ben’s health with anyone besides immediate family, sources speculate that Dr. Ben will endure a brief stay there prior to being released back home soon.