Spring '12: Lovely Zen Garden Looks (38475)
Spring '12: Lovely Zen Garden Looks (38474)
Spring '12: Lovely Zen Garden Looks (38473)
Spring '12: Lovely Zen Garden Looks (38472)

For Vivienne Tam, spring ’12 represents a journey that reflects a lighter, tranquil and a free inner self. A harmonious and peaceful rhythm cascades through the spirit of her collection. In the spring, strolling through the Zen gardens in Asia has become a personal ritual of discovery for Tam. The journey sheds heaviness and gives birth to an aura of lightness.

“My love of the spirit of the seventies was an inspiration; it embodied change and love of nature,” she explained after her show for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. These pieces carry sophistication and experimentation. She utilizes geometric and organic shapes that overlap patterns, and rich unexpected hues found in nature. They reflect the air and style of significant periods of time.

Her clothes translate into something that is modern today. Rich colors of coral, cyan, chartreuse, framboise and citrine reflect sea-inspired fantasies. Silk chiffon, embroidery, linen and cottons comingle and collide into multi-dimensional silhouettes. Ocean-inspired bamboo print and textured knit melange represent Tam’s rich textures and reflect a lifestyle that is beautiful, colorful and effortless.

Born in Canton, China, Vivienne Tam moved to Hong Kong when she was three years old. Since then, the dynamic combination of cultures in the British colony has been the essence of her signature East-meets-West style.