Relax the grip you have on your attitudes this week and just go with the flow. Ease up in full knowledge that goodness is being perfectly fulfilled. Let go of any feelings of insecurity or loss and bless the perfect moment.

  • Soul Affirmation: I quiet all confusion.
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 24


Exhilaration is high and your mental abilities are amazing. Use your intuition to brainstorm your way to a highly creative idea that could change the way you make your living.

  • Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the chance to give.
  • Lucky Numbers: 23, 46, 49


What you say and what you do are in harmony this week. The importance of your ideas comes through very clearly to others. They can see that you walk what you talk. Communicate your ideas through your values.

  • Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the goodness in people.
  • Lucky Numbers: 6, 11, 18


You are the best person you can be. Evaluate your strengths and celebrate them this week. So often when self-evaluating we concentrate on weaknesses. Well, this week, weaknesses don’t count. You are wonderful and you are becoming better every day. Nobody is perfect, and if we all were, our journey would be boring at best.

  • Soul Affirmation: I am patient with all that comes my way this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 9, 13, 45


There’s lots of communicating going on early in the week. You may even hear from someone you haven’t seen in ages. The distance will certainly make your heart grow fonder. You’ll want to catch up with someone you haven’t heard from and will probably seek this person out via email. There’s a general feeling of catching up, from correspondences to current fashion.

  • Soul Affirmation: Anticipation of a beautiful night will light up my week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 31, 46, 55


Confusion exists over some question, and every time you think you’ve got the answer, circumstances will change and new information will come to your attention. Don’t worry-things are going to clear up and work out. Take it easy. Worry will create the exact problem that you’re worrying about how to avoid.

  • Soul Affirmation: I remain conscious of other people’s feelings all week long.
  • Lucky Numbers: 42, 45, 46


Cool jazz! Fly dark glasses! Give yourself a chance to show off. It’s good. Let others know how much you like yourself and how many ways you can present yourself. All the ways are real. Start fixing the fantasy in your mind and make preparations so you can make the fantasy come true just by stepping into it.

  • Soul Affirmation: Seeing my past clearly this week gives me a clear vision of my future.
  • Lucky Numbers: 10, 20, 45


Surprises are in order this week. Keep yourself open and alert for the unexpected. Put yourself in the presence of people whose spirits are akin to yours. The surprise is likely to be a spiritual one, an awakening, a realization.

  • Soul Affirmation: I stay calm when all about me is in an uproar.
  • Lucky Numbers: 14, 19, 20


You need to be with someone this week who does not place too many demands on you and who is creative, intelligent, a good conversationalist and highly spiritual. Perhaps you should be out looking for that person now with eyes wide open! You know what you need.

  • Soul Affirmation: My mood is enhanced by the company I keep.
  • Lucky Numbers: 8, 23, 26


Work calls and you’re not completely happy with current divisions of labor. Do more than your part as a member of the team and you’ll be glad that you did. Your reward will come from someone who also did more than their part.

  • Soul Affirmation: Generosity of spirit brings generosity to me.
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 19, 20


Business looks good this week as you discover a new way of increasing exposure to your product-even if the product is you. Let hope and optimism lead you into new beginnings and fresh starts. All vibes are good, Go!

  • Soul Affirmation: When I feel good about myself, the world feels good to me.
  • Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 22


Everybody should be in a good mood this week. You’ll want to join friends or family in sharing food and feelings. You may be asked to change your opinion about something you believe in. Make the change. It will enhance your spiritual growth.

  • Soul Affirmation: Clinging to the old will inhibit my growth this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 9, 23, 37