Milford Graves and SOH: Two Harlem moments (36617)

Now that we’re moving rapidly into the “post-cool” era, important musicians such as percussionist Milford Graves may be dismissed as old-school. Well, Graves has still got some chops, and his full arsenal of creativity will be on display at Paris Blues on Friday, Dec. 9.

Back in the day, when Graves was featured with such notables as the late pianist Don Pullen and saxophonist Albert Ayler, the Harlem community was one of his main venues. That energy will erupt again as he performs in company with flutist Atiba Kwabena, Daniel Carter, Les Goodson and the Black Avant Garde featuring Salim Washington.

The concert will be presented by the Harlem Creative Musicians Collective at Paris Blues, located at 2021 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., at 121st Street. It will begin at 8 p.m. and blast on until midnight.

Contact the Harlem Creative Musicians Collective at (646) 533-5340 for additional information.

On the same day, not too far away, in the Mink Building on Amsterdam Avenue and 127th Street, will be the grand opening of SoHarlem (SOH), which is back on the block, so to speak. Many Harlemites remember its previous life and location on St. Nicholas and 145th Street, where prominent writers such as Annette Gordon-Reed appeared-Gordon-Reed autographed her award-winning book on Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings there.

SOH now returns with a freshly minted resolve to promote an array of products made in Harlem, including quilts, jewelry, ornaments, mirrors, tables, scarves, wraps, organic soaps, T-shirts and a variety of other items handcrafted straight out of Harlem.

There are sure to be those specialty items you won’t find anywhere else but in Harlem, and the expected fragrant ambiance to greet you as it did in the past.

For additional information, call (212) 222-2792 or go to