The British tabloids are reporting that U.S. “X Factor” judge Nicole Scherzinger and U.K. judge Kelly Rowland may switch places next season.

According to Now magazine, the show, specifically creator Simon Cowell, is mulling a possible swap that would send Scherzinger to London and bring Rowland to Los Angeles. The weekly quotes a source who said, “Simon thinks [Rowland] will be amazing on the U.S. show” and noted that Scherzinger has had a “mixed reaction in the United States.”

While it’s true that some lingering resentment remains over the audition phase dismissal of UK “X Factor” import Cheryl Cole in favor of Scherzinger, who was initially hired as a co-host, as the competition has progressed, the Pussycat Dolls singer-along with her popular “Over 30s” contestants, which include Stacy Francis, LeRoy Bell and last man standing Josh Krajcik-has built a supportive audience all her own, notes the Hollywood Reporter.

On the other hand, Scherzinger has had a successful single (“Don’t Hold Your Breath”) and album (“Killer Love”) chart in the UK, where she is a bigger solo star than in the States. Also, her album’s U.S. release has been marred by repeated delays.

Rowland has seen moderate solo success on both sides of the pond, but after she received harsh criticism for taking a sick day on the UK’s “X Factor”-she was legitimately and severely ill, her doctor later revealed-perhaps she might get a warmer welcome on American shores.

An insider denies that any conversations of the sort have taken place and insists that all players are happy and focused on the season at hand. This week, that means Michael Jackson songs, the theme for Wednesday night.

An “X Factor” spokesman stated that “no decisions of cast changes will be made until the show ends next month.” Personally, I hope that the gifted and lovely singer Rowland does make the Los Angeles swap with Scherzinger.