Charles Barron campaign responds: What happened? (38695)

Congressional candidate and City Council Member Charles Barron is stumping throughout the 10th District, talking directly to his consistency in the streets.

On Saturday, Barron rallied with the people in Bedford-Stuyvesant on the corner plaza of Malcolm X Boulevard and Fulton Street. A huge yellow banner depicting Barron with the words “Our Voice! Charles Barron for Congress” was held high while people waved posters and cheered. Barron was at the top of his game.

“We are here in Bedford-Stuyvesant to tell you now that I, Charles Barron, am declaring my candidacy for the 10th Congressional District of Brooklyn, New York!” The crowd roared. “We are going to be the voice of justice, the voice of truth. We are going to say to Washington, D.C., that you cannot forget Brooklyn.

“We’re going to say to Washington, D.C.: Stop the wars. Why do you have trillions of dollars for war and no money for schools? No money for building homes for the homeless people. Something is wrong with a country that is the wealthiest nation on the planet and you’ve got hungry children right here in New York City, homeless people in New York City, unemployed people in New York City.”

The self-styled “elected revolutionary” continued. “Something is wrong with a country that steals all the land from the indigenous people and has them locked on reservations starving and dying,” he said. “Something is wrong with a nation that goes and steals us African people to come here and build this land. How dare they not pay you your reparations?!”

Portions of a growing crowd chanted, “Reparations now! Reparations now!”

“When we go to Washington, D.C., we will all go together. We are going to be the voice of our people,” said the councilman.

Barron talked about the ongoing debate in the City Council about a living wage. “If all they want to give us is a minimum wage, then we should pay minimum rent; make health care free, make education free. We are no longer going let the 1 percent of this nation have so much. This nation is too rich for the people to suffer so much. The federal budget is $3.7 trillion. New York State alone has a $135 billion budget.

Barron dubbed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new tax scheme “three-card monte.” “Cuomo is trying to fool us with his tax scheme by promoting it as a ‘tax the rich and cut taxes for the middle class’ plan. But if you look at the actual numbers by income and compare the old tax code, the current tax surcharge and Cuomo’s new tax surcharge, the rich are still paying less taxes. The tax reduction for the rich is five times greater than the middle class’ and the state would actually lose $3 billion a year in revenue.

“I can’t wait until we get to Washington!” he exclaimed. “We are going to stand up and fight for what is ours! We may not get everything we want, but they will know we are there! People are rising up all over the world; we are tired of the failure of our governments. Politicians take care of rich, white interests. We have got to take care of our interests-the peoples’ interests.”