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Re: Booksigning/Lecture on The Wilmington Ten/1898 Massacre.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based author/radio announcer Larry Reni Thomas, whose Associated Press photograph was featured in a June 2006 Washington Post article on The Wilmington (NC) Race Riot of 1898 report, is scheduled to appear, January 12 and 13, 2012, at The Tru…e South Bookstore, 492 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, for a lecture, book signing and film screening, from 3 pm to 6pm, to sign copies of his latest books: “The True Story Behind The Wilmington Ten” and “Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!: A Fictional Account of the Wilmington Ten Incident of 1971. Thomas, a Wilmington native, has a M.A. in History from UNC-Chapel Hill and is the founder of ICROW, Inc. (The International Organization for Compensation and Rep arations for the Victims of the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, Inc.). He was one of the first to call it a massacre and to advocate compensation for that event.

“I contend,” said Thomas, in an interview several years ago, “that the Wilmington Ten incident in 1971 was black retaliation for the black deaths, devastation and damages that occurred in 1898 and that such violent incidents will happen again until changes are made in Wilmington, as well as America.”

For more information call True South Bookstore, 492 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, at (347) 425-7330, or e-mail:

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Researcher Larry Thomas interviews Dr. Lewin Manly about his familial connection to the 1898 Wilmington massacre.