In listening to Rex Ryan’s final press conference of the season on Monday, he said something that everyone should believe. No, really! Ryan is a boastful man who guarantees everything from preseason wins to Super Bowl rings, but on Monday, Ryan was humble and admitted many of the team’s shortcomings.

He still stood by his players, though, especially wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who sat on the bench toward the end of Sunday’s debilitating 19-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins by himself, apparently upset he was pulled. Ryan backed Holmes, but admitted there was enough blame to be spread around.

“Are there some things that we need to get corrected? Absolutely,” said Ryan. “And it’s not just with [Holmes], but others as well; myself, I’m the first one who looks at we have to change…and we will change.”

This is one situation where you can believe what Ryan says. Changes will be made. No team stocked with veterans that loses its last three games, finishes 8-8 and misses the playoffs can avoid the fact that changes need to be made. Even the vain, if not overly arrogant Ryan has to come to grips with it.

You may have seen the last of players like LaDainian Tomlinson, Bart Scott, Wayne Hunter, Bryan Thomas, Plaxico Burress, Jim Leonhard and a few other mainstays. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer could be on his way out the door or reassigned, too.

Hopefully talk won’t be cheap with Ryan. Although he admitted changes will be made, he just might believe he has what it takes to turn things around without a roster overhaul. If that’s the case, 2012 may end in disappointment, too.

The Jets need to get a capable backup for Mark Sanchez, shore up the offensive line, get a faster wide receiver, find a legit pass rusher and acquire a linebacker-safety who can cover backs and tight ends.

Whether Ryan wants to admit this or not, the Jets can’t address those issues from within. They’ll need to fix those issues through the draft, trades and free agency. Will Ryan’s ego permit this? Only time will tell.