Barbie Doll history is definitely progressing. From the white, blond, straight hair doll of the 50’s to the Black Barbie doll, this brand has evolved over the years and worked to reflect the real diversity of the little girls who make up the brand’s consumers.

Another huge step in Barbie’s History was made last week, when a natural hair group announced that they are giving about 40 African American Barbie Dolls total hair makeovers. The group will turn dolls from straight to curly hair for the holiday season.

Jennifer Henderson, part of this new project told the ledger-Enquirer Newspaper,

“We wanted to show the girls that basically, it’s okay the way God made you.”

Barbie’s hair will have to go under boiling water to make the transition and the group is using youtube tutorials (like this one to teach them how to put the dolls throughout this process..