Ex NYPD officer, Michael Daragjati was arrested last October after being accused of racism when, after having stopped and frisked an African-American man in Staten Island, Daragjati boasted to another cop saying, “I fried another ni***”

At a trial on Tuesday at the Brooklyn Federal court, Daragjati admitted his professional false and pleaded Guilty for Civil Right violation.

He said, “I knew that doing so [arresting a man after a stop and frisk] would cause the individual to spend the night in jail.” He confessed to the court.

The defense attorney Ronald Fischetti said, “He’s very remorseful. He has to give up a job that he loved.”

Daragjati agreed not to appeal a sentence for less than 63 months. He also pleaded guilty on charges of extortion stemming in a separate case. This plea could lead him to serving up to 20 years sentence of prison.

“I am pleased that justice has been done,” stated Manhattan Borough President, Scott M Stringer in a press release. “There is no place in our police department for such abhorrent behavior. At the same time, I amrenewing my call for a Department of Justice investigation of the department’s controversial Stop and Frisk policies, which disproportionately target blacks and Latinos, while doing little to rid our streets of the scourge of illegal weapons.”