Fall/winter '12 fashion updates (39037)
Fall/winter '12 fashion updates (39036)

From New Orleans’ French Quarter to New York Fashion Week, Negris LeBrum will launch their Le Noir est Joli (Black is Beautiful) ready-to-wear collection during the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. The collection is steeped in Old Louisiana tradition.

For fall/winter 2012, this French-inspired ready-to-wear line walks you right into the modern day with a 1900s Old New Orleans style. The designs are all about a 60-year-old love story. In Natchitoches, La., in the 1940s, a French Creole woman named Negris fell in love with a handsome Black man named Sam LeBrum. Their romance was forbidden by social standards. However, their love prevailed and the name Negris LeBrum became well known.

Inspired by French Old New Orleans, this new fashion collection is enhanced with Southern chic looks. Colors are black olive, cherry and mahogany. Styles are perfect for a delightful brunch, mid-day latte or for after 5.

“Showing during New York Fashion Week is a dream come true-words cannot express my deep feelings for this brand,” said designer Travis Hamilton.

The Negris LeBrum story has created a platform for social change. “No Bully Here Day” and “Unity and Friendship Campaign” are two events that they have championed to advocate goodwill and friendship.

Hamilton, the designer and marketing strategist behind the Negris LeBrum line, has always believed that the brand was much more than a fashion trend; it is a lifestyle tied together with tradition and heritage. The company’s history tells how time changes people and traditional mindsets.

Negris LeBrum clothing develops and distributes a distinctive line in ready-to-wear women’s apparel and accessories. Their outerwear includes jackets and coats. Travis and the Negris LeBrum brand have worked hard to keep its commitment to all of their customers and their communities.

“This is truly a dream come true for our brand; we are now planning for our collection launch during New York Fashion Week,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton’s journey began more than 10 years ago on a sofa of the late Mrs. LeBrum and flourished on college campuses such as Texas Southern University and Grambling State University.

“Words can’t express my feelings about our current project,” expressed the designer.