House of Sillage, a California-based luxury haute perfumerie, introduces Tiara, a sumptuously evocative fragrance. This unique scent exudes Madagascan vanilla, Sri Lankan cinnamon and Calabrian green tangerine. Tiara is presented in a stunning bottle adorned with opulent Swarovski stones.

In a world that’s consumed by mass-produced items of generic quality, House of Sillage returns to the essential elements that define luxury. Founder Nicole Mather focuses intently on distinguishing every detail in the company’s product, from the rare and exotic ingredients to the extraordinary aesthetic appeal. Each numbered bottle of Tiara perfume is a treasured and collectable work of art.

“I admire the brilliance of scent and how it can transport you to another place and time,” explained Mather.

While transcending modern conventions, House of Sillage pays homage to the artistry, traditions and unmatched craftsmanship of the classic parfumerie. The coupling of unique ingredients tailored by experience and time-honored attention to detail produces aromatics that evoke feminine sensuality but yield to and engage with each wearer in mysterious ways.

“We have created a line of luxurious and sophisticated fragrances, gathering wisdom from people who have devoted their lives to this beauty,” said Mather. Working with master perfumer Francis Camail, Mather and House of Sillage collected rare components from exotic locales to create the magnificence that is Tiara.

Tiara is a fragrance in unique, finely jeweled bottles. For the discerning woman who has everything, it’s the ultimate gift. Visit for more information.

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