If we look at the last two years in this country, it seems that political corruption has ballooned and everyone is on the take or simply trying to get over.

But is it really the case?

Or have the powers that be gotten so scared of people of color that they are trying-by any means necessary-to get rid of all Blacks in power, from the president on down.

The entire Tea Party movement seems to have been a reaction to the presence of a Black man-a fairly progressive Black man-in the White House. The vitriolic reaction of Tea Party leadership and their minions has already become the stuff of legend.

Then we saw conservative forces in Congress and the media go after Charles B. Rangel, then chair of the Ways and Means Committee, and Maxine Waters, a longtime respected and outspoken Black woman on the Hill.

And here in New York State, we have seen our local politicians held under a microscope, held to scrutiny rarely, if ever, seen by their white counterparts. Situations like former Gov. David Paterson, who was consistently and viciously attacked by certain politicos and the white media. Or our Black political leadership in Southeast Queens, Malcolm Smith or Rep. Greg Meeks, who have also borne aggressive attacks that we have chronicled and explored in the pages of the Amsterdam News.

Most recently, we have seen other local men like Larry Seabrook on trial for corruption-and now William Boyland Jr. For Boyland, off the heels of an acquittal, he is now is facing another indictment, again on federal bribery charges.

Now the question must be asked: Why are all these Black politicians under indictment, on trial or being investigated? Is it simply because of wrongdoing in our community or should we be looking at the possibility that there are organized forces out there dead set on reducing, if not eliminating, any real concentration of Black political power?

I will contend that it is both. Our people are not without fault; we are not perfect. But it also appears that there is a high degree of consistent viciousness and maliciousness when our leaders are targeted or attacked. This is undeniable and ridiculous.

In this day and age, with the amount of information that is available and the ability to find out almost everything about anyone (look at the News of the World), why is it that most of the investigations are of people of color?

We are over halfway through the first term of the first African-American president. And in that time, there has been a bull’s-eye on the back of every Black politician or person of power in our state and in this country.

This racism is pervasive and it continues to grow. I am not casting about, questioning simple guilt or innocence; I am just asking the question. Why now, as we try to make real political progress?