Oh yeah, go Giants, Big Blue! Congratulations to the winners of Super Bowl XLVI, New York, New York. Something about being a winner makes you feel good all over. What a game it was-thisclose! I have to admit, I almost thought they weren’t going to make it.

Yes, I was at the edge of my seat, especially since I had a hard time following where the ball was. It’s amazing how those guys can see from one end of the field to the other. Anyway, we did it. Do you think they will ever have Janet Jackson do another halftime show?

Fare thee well, Margarite Johnson, who recently passed away. A longtime employee of the Department of Education, graduate of Hunter College, staunch member of the Shirley Chisholm Democratic Club and a Brooklynite, Margarite was a loyal friend, kind and gentle, always loving with a sweet smile. They just don’t make them like her anymore.

The husband of Karen Montegue, whom I already mentioned passed away, was also known as Alphonse Welllington. And Fatima Ali, also known as Karen Hughs, had two funerals: a Muslim ceremony and a Catholic service. OK.

Birthday shout-outs to Brenda Dillon Covette, wife of Bill; Larry Temple, husband of Earnestine Bell; Ludwig Gaines, husband of Crystle Flowers; Sharde Abernathy; Dante Smallwood; Ashley Roberson; and Shona Grate. Welcome home, Mary Moultrie.

Awaiting any minute now the birth of Cruz Colette are proud parents Yami and Joseph, who were beaming at their baby shower hosted by Asha Rhodes. With only three more weeks to go, Yami never looked better. She was doing much better than me, as I was six weeks early in delivering (and still recuperating). Julia was born in NICU, and they had the shower without us. So much for planning.

Last call for college students who have completed two years and are interested in a career in public health. Columbia University is offering a 10-week summer program May 29-Aug. 5 in the field of public health. The course will include seminars, lectures and a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Free room and board are provided and, to those who complete the program, a $3,500 stipend will be paid.

The application deadline is Feb. 15, so you don’t have much time left. For more information and an application form, go to www.oda-ps.cumc.columbia.edu or email sphsp-ps@columbia.edu. Somebody please take advantage of this great opportunity.

If you’re not on your way to college but want to be prepared, the New York City Department of Education’s District 3 magnet elementary schools are hosting parent workshops to help demystify the public school choice process. Presentations will be designed to help local families understand all of the public school options available to them and how to apply. Workshops will be held on various dates, times and locations.

Check out www.D3mag.net for more information or contact me at montana2us@yahoo.com and I will forward the complete list to you.

Who is that masked man back in town from south of the border? Better hurry quick, ladies, if you want to catch him for maybe an afternoon snack, as he’s moving fast; here one day, gone the next. Not going anywhere but staying put is Calvin Bass, a leap-year baby who only celebrates every four years.

Getting a makeover is J.H.S. 136, the Harriet Tubman School, as three additional floors are being built upon its rooftop. Now coed, 136 use to be the female counterpart to 139, which was turned into a housing complex and senior center eons ago. Gone are the days.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney held another one of its fabulous and informative panel discussions, this time in conjunction with the American Heart Association, featuring keynote speaker Sheila C. Johnson, Carla Harris, James Tracy and Maria Freburg. Held at the firm’s Westchester campus, the Go Red Women’s Leadership Breakfast was in special recognition of National Wear Red Day, which raises awareness of heart disease in women.

Morgan Stanley, a powerhouse in the field of investment banking and strategies, has made a commitment to gather high-powered individuals together to share knowledge and educate those of us who are outside the elite echelon and not privy to important information on a regular basis. Whether the topic is finance, health or politics, it is inspiring to see and hear people-especially people of color-speak so passionately about the well-being of others. This is awesome.

The other thing that is awesome are the accomplishments of Johnson. Are you ready for this? She is vice chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment; president and managing partner of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics; the first African-American woman to have a stake in three professional sports teams, including the Washington Wizards (NBA) and Washington Capitals (NHL); and a founding partner of BET. Whew!

Harris, one of my favorites, sometimes joins the Gospel Lites choir at St. Charles Borromeo Church. On top of being an executive director at Morgan Stanley, where she heads the Emerging Manager Program, which provides investment advice to corporations, public pension plans, foundations and endowments, she can sing.

The American Heart Association was founded in 1924 and is one of the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary health organizations, dedicated to fighting, preventing and treating heart disease. With heart disease still the No. 1 killer of women, the association promotes healthier eating, exercise, reducing cholesterol and quitting smoking and any other habits that are detrimental to a healthy heart.

Speaking of hearts, don’t forget yours, as Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. Think love, think red.

Until next week…kisses.