Inspired by the culture of Southern Brazil, Carlos Miele reinterprets the free lifestyle and natural elegance of Brazilian women, particularly the women of Rio Grande do Sul.

For fall/winter 2012, his Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show last Monday at Lincoln Center opened with the sounds of African and Brazilian drums and voices. Models, looking quite modern in gaucho hats, ponchos with bold borders, riding trousers and furs, came down the runway.

Miele’s clothes are well-tailored, with a distinctive Brazilian style. The audience applauded for just about every piece. His looks are created for a cosmopolitan audience.

Traditional gauchos are an important reference point in the show. They embody values that are important-not because they are old but because they are eternal. Miele wants to capture the sensation of freedom that one imagines the gaucho feels riding horses or walking through the fields of the boundless Brazilian pampas. It’s a tradition of beauty in motion.

His geometric prints were influenced by the patterns of traditional gaucho sashes and ponchos. The gold and natural tones echo the rich, natural landscape. The organic prints make reference to the native feline, the gato de las pampas.

The collection emphasizes sleek silhouettes that highlight the female form. Miele’s details are impeccable. His handcraft techniques such as woven tiaras, metal embroidery and overlays of different fabric work together to create refined volumes and tridimensional textures. Hats and sashes worn throughout the collection are those of authentic gauchos.

For the show, the DJs were Anthony and Sean Souza, the sons of Carlos Souza, who works for Valentino. Standing directly on the stage, they were absolutely entertaining and on the fashion beat.

Good Show!