Nigeria radio journalist wins award for 'saving the trees' (38876)

Feb. 21 (GIN) – The Young Environmental Journalist Award has been presented to Ugochi Anyaka of Nigeria for her piece on recycling waste paper in Abuja.

The winning radio report, called Saving the Trees for Paper Briquettes,featured a project based in a low-income suburb in Abuja that utilizes waste paper to make briquettes.

On receiving the award, Ugochi said, “this story was done to show the opportunities in a changing climate-and not just the woes… But ultimately, it tells the story of what some Nigerians are doing to protect their vulnerable environment and save their very existence.”

Besides providing employment for the briquette workers, the project acts as alternative fuel as opposed to firewood, dramatically reducing the risks of indoor burning of firewood and curbing deforestation problem.

As part of her prize, Mrs. Anyaka will travel to the United States as part of a professional exchange under a “green itinerary,” designed to involve her greater participation.

Ms. Anyaka hosts an environmental radio show “Green Angle” on ASO Radio and also works as a producer, reporter and announcer with the station. She writes an environmental blog, Eco Nigeria, at