Conservative journalist provocateur Andrew Breitbart died suddenly Thursday morning. He was 43.

Breibart was an internet journalist who produced content regularly for the Drudge Report and was a regular on the Fox News Network and other media outlets. In recent years he founded his own sites including Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, and

Breibart made his reputation by attacking liberal organizations and public officials as well as people of color.

He was most famous for attacking former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod who was fired from her job by Obama administration officials after he posted a video that implied that she had denied helping white farmers who needed her help. Later it was revealed that Breibart had skillfully edited the video to leave out additional comments Sherrod made explaining how she ultimately helped the farmers.

“The news of Mr. Breitbart’s death came as a surprise to me when I was informed of it this morning,” Sherrod told the Huffington Post. “My prayers go out to Mr. Breitbart’s family as they cope through this very difficult time,” she said.

Breitbart also attacked the organization ACORN, which he accused of voter fraud. **Breitbart in an attempt to entrap the organization dressed up as a pimp and got tax advice from their workers.

His other major coup was posting questionable photographs of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, which eventually led to Weiner’s resignation Recently, he was caught on camera acting erratically in an attempt to discredit the occupied wall street movement.

Breibart was walking near his home in California when he collapsed according to the Associated Pres. Someone saw him fall and called 911. He was taken to UCLA Medical Center, but he could not be revived.