In makeup, Clarins’ best-selling protection powerhouse, UV Plus HP with SPF 40 Day Screen Tint, is now available in three tinted shades–light, medium and deep–to even skin tones and diminish imperfections. The formula remains the same.

UV Plus HP has a 100 percent mineral filter that offers triple protection to shield your skin from UVA/UVB rays, defend against pollution and fight free radicals.

The No. 1 defense against premature aging is protecting the skin from UV rays. This new tinted formula is ideal for women who want protection and a flawless complexion without wearing a lot of makeup. The chemical-free formula is compatible with all skin types and is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

UV Plus HP is a must-have product for every woman and should be the last step of every skin care regimen.

Here’s some information about the ingredients in this product: Cantaloupe melon extract contains an antioxidative enzyme that neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals on skin. A 100 percent mineral filter guarantees high UVA and UVB protection for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Clarins’ patented Expertise 3P complex protects skin from the harmful effects of pollution. Plant polymers create an oil-free, invisible shield that lets skin breathe without leaving traces and ensures a velvety matte finish.

New UV Plus HP is available in April at Clarins counters nationwide and at The retail price is $40.

In skin and body care, Blue Marble Body Care introduces three nutrient-rich skin foods that include botanical bar and liquid soaps, exfoliating scrubs and body moisturizers. According to founder Elaina Watkins, these products have the ability to enhance your body, mind and spirit.

With a commitment to safety, sustainability and purity, the Blue Marble Body Care collection offers natural and organic ingredients that are formulated free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, additives or preservatives.

Their botanical bar and liquid soaps are gentle cleansers that deep condition the skin. The collection is formulated with healing, nutrient-rich botanicals that help preserve the skin’s natural moisture barrier and are scented with therapeutic essential oils.

The exfoliating scrub removes built-up dead skin cells. Infused with moisturizing oils, it promotes skin cell renewal and protects your skin from moisture loss. It also leaves your skin feeling soft with a radiant glow.

Body moisturizers are rich and whipped to a light mousse, wonderful from shower to shower. The Whipped Body Butter is not water-based or a lotion; rather, it is a concentrated blend of moisturizing botanicals that requires only a small amount per use. With a delightful, therapeutic, essential oil scent, it penetrates your skin to deep condition, restore and soften skin. Blue Marble Body Care products are available at

Watkins is a Harlem-based wife, mother of five, speaker and vlogger. The creation of her company was inspired following her oldest son’s cancer diagnosis in 2006. Her company’s mission is to make a profound impact with natural products that are enriching to the body both inside and out.

Blue Marble Body Care combines empowerment with its skin care line through educational blogs and a “Do it Yourself” video on how to care for the body richly and naturally.