Designer Edwing D’Angelo unveiled his fall 2012 collection on Feb. 19 at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Titled “Beauty Attack,” the look for fall is fly, chic and tailored, with soft touches.

The venue was well attended by over 800 guests, including celebrities such as Carla Facciolo (VH1’s “Mob Wives”), Royce Reed (VH1’s “Basketball Wives”) and Logo TV’s “The List” star Ryan Nickulas.

A Colombian-born New Yorker, D’Angelo also premiered the documentary “Life is a Runway” to celebrate his 10th year in fashion. The film, featured on NY1 earlier this month, provides a compelling look at the designer’s rapid emergence in mainstream America since his introduction in 2001. It also gives a glimpse into what it takes to make it in New York’s fashion industry.

A veteran of Couture Fashion Week, D’Angelo’s fall 2012 presentation continued his search for the ultimate tailored collection. It’s a look that’s influenced by both masculine and feminine shapes. His clothing proposed that women wear clothing of men’s fabrics with men’s fashion details. There are also a lot of women’s details, like French lace trims.

His jumpsuits are superbly cut. The collection also offers a twist, drawing inspiration from 1980s punk styles combined with 1990s chic. He brings a balance of softness to the collection by imposing ’50s details and cuts.

D’Angelo mesmerizes the audience with his amazing showmanship, artistry and wit. His clothes are clearly in the present, on the move and very modern.

The shirt continues to reign in D’Angelo’s collection. It’s the most popular piece in the designer’s line. There are also sophisticated dresses, pants, jackets and vests in the collection.

Fit is important. His clothes, especially on women, fit like a glove. In some looks, his shirts function like coats. His jumpsuits and gowns are gorgeous. The shirts show cuts that are vintage D’Angelo.

For both men and women, his tuxedo-like pieces are touched with French lace and leather accents. There are also many fine accessories of the sort that have become very popular lately, which look smart with suits and dresses. It’s all so elegant. His male shapes are influenced by the Tom of Finland style.

In colors, he focuses on black and blue hues with touches of red and grey. Fabric choices include Italian wools, silk satin, French lace, leather and fur.

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