Fashion & beauty Editor For fall 2012, Joanna Mastroianni goes on a journey with iris Apfel, the fashion icon, at the Mercedes-benz Lincoln center Fashion Week presentation.

Apfel’s stunning personal style was incorporated in Mastroianni’s magnificent pieces–at the show, she wore a red turban-style hat and was seated in the front row. Inspired by Apfel, Mastroianni has imagined the ultimate fashionista and what she might wear in her favorite haunts around the world.

The journey begins in New York city as strong gusts of autumn winds strip the leaves off the trees in central Park, exposing a tracery of branches. The backdrop of the show pictured central Park as if you were looking out of the window.

Mastroianni transformed the delicate filigree into fabric, embroidery and beading on everything from evening gowns to necklaces.

Next, the snow begins to gently fall and the ornaments shift to elaborate embroideries of opalescent seed pearls, creamy translucent glass and shimmering silver.

Mastroianni’s styles are dazzling with details that are as delicate as the reflection of sun on fresh snow.

Her muse then heads off to Paris for an imagined evening in Maxim’s, adorned in darkly sophisticated dresses that are lavished with bronze, copper, pewter and burnished gold ornamentation.

The evening glove returns as never before; it’s faceted, feathered, beaded and bejeweled. The long gloves are works of art in their own right. The skinny evening pant is cut along the lines of a pair of jeans to add its off- hand attitude. The journey continues to Asia in black flashed with red in jackets and tunics that are cut with a seemingly kimono-like simplicity. To enhance a woman’s body and accentuate her curves, they are structured with masterful seaming.

Mastroianni’s colors, including magenta deepened with black, a lustrous golden green and a vibrant jade that can only be called peacock blue, are inspired by the human embodiment of the magnificent feathered creature as she proudly struts through life’s journey in all her glory, bringing a sense of joy to all who behold her.

The collection is filled with Mastroianni’s artistry at every turn. There is a wealth of detail–all exquisitely executed by hand, all inventive, all one-of-a-kind.

Fabrics that appear to be tufted are actually created by shirring, shredding and cutting silk organza into tiny strips.

They are then embroidered with caviar beads onto sheer organza backing. Faceted chunks of metal are covered with black leather, surrounded by more shirred organza and caviar beads.

The leather gives the extensive ornamentation a modern cutting edge.

It’s all a marvelous display of Mastroianni’s masterful ability to create a collection of breathtaking beauty.

Her designs exhibit an unrivaled imagination combined with an atelier capable of fashion.

The collection defines the essence of Joanna Mastroianni. Good Show!