Residents and family members are outraged and asking questions about the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Ramarley Graham in the Wakefield section of the Bronx. The unarmed Black teen was killed by a NYPD officer on Thursday after he was chased into his home for allegedly having marijuana.

The shooting reportedly happened after Graham ran from narcotics officers on White Plains Road and 228th Street. Officers thought he had a gun and chased him to his home on 229th Street. Graham then ran to a second-floor bathroom where it’s believed he was attempting to flush the drugs down the toilet.

Officers kicked and knocked down the front door of the home going after Graham in the bathroom where he was then shot in the chest.

Surveillance video that has surfaced shows Graham running from officers who ran after him and forcing their way into the residence. Graham’s six-year-old brother and grandmother were reportedly at the home at the time.

“I’ve had enough, on all sides. I cannot and will not tolerate incidents of police misconduct,” Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. said in a statement. “It is especially disturbing that a young man, who did not have a gun and was in his own home, could see his life end in such a sudden manner at the hands of those charged with his protection. This is especially disturbing given that we are approaching the anniversary of the unfortunate death of Amadou Diallo.”

As the NYPD continues its investigation on the incident, lawyers for the family say that officers involved in the shooting did not follow proper police procedure including entering Graham’s home without a search warrant.

The NYPD reports that the officers involved in the shooting from the 47th Precinct have been placed on mortified duty. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said at a press conference last week that an investigation into the shooting is underway. The case is going before a grand jury.

Outrage is being felt across the city by those who say Graham’s death is a disturbing trend involving shootings of unarmed Black men at the hands of the NYPD.

Family and residents have been rallying against the acts of the police in the Bronx stating that the shooting was unjust. Another rally is scheduled to take place on White Plains Road on Monday.

“When the police do not even think to get a search warrant because they don’t think they need to get a search warrant, when the police are above the law, nobody is safe,” said Jeffery Emdin, lawyer for the Graham family, at a press conference. “There’s a problem with the system. We all know that.”

Neville Mitchell, the lawyer for the landlord of the home where police entered, had harsher words about the acts of the NYPD and the shooting.

“To the mayor of this city, to the police commissioner of the city, we are sick and tired of this s–t,” he said.

Graham’s family attended the Rev. Al Sharpton’s weekly rally on Saturday to express their sadness and dismay over the shooting of their loved one.

“We want justice and we don’t want any games played about what happened and what didn’t happen,” Sharpton said.