Amway’s Artistry brand has licensed a leading anti-aging technology for its anti-wrinkle firming serum; it’s the newest addition to the Artistry Intensive Skincare line. This serum will be the first and only anti-aging product to utilize the breakthrough, patented Targeting Complex technology that reduces the common side effects of retinol treatments. Amway teamed up with the University of Michigan to harness this exclusive technology.

“We saw that retinol, while efficacious in rebuilding the skin’s collagen matrix, also caused discomfort that was preventing many women from gaining its benefits,” said Gary Fisher, PhD, and Harry Helfman, professor of molecular dermatology at the University of Michigan.

“After years of investigating retinol’s mechanism of action, we discovered a completely innovative way to direct the skin’s responses to retinol so it can be more effective in improving the appearance of wrinkles while minimizing side effects.”

Artistry Intensive Skincare’s anti-wrinkle firming serum combats the visible effects of aging by boosting collagen while minimizing the sensitivity associated with retinol use. Recent research reveals that this retinol-based sensitivity results from the activation of a protein called the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).

Taking cues from studies of certain cancers–where EGFR is also activated–the University of Michigan researchers identified natural products, including soy compounds, which curtail this activation and specifically target retinol’s action to enhance its beneficial anti-aging effects.

“Retinol is one of the most effective ingredients recommended by skin care professionals to treat signs of aging, because it truly works to rebuild skin’s elasticity and firmness while reducing visible wrinkles,” said Catherine Ehrenberger, Amway’s vice president of R&D and quality assurance.

“Targeted retinol, vitamin C and peptides were added to our multifunctional formula to help restore and renew your skin’s resilience,” she said.

Always check with your dermatologist before using new skin care products.