Stop the presses! “Newsies” delivers! Extra! Extra! Disney has an extraordinary hit!

“Newsies: The Musical,” playing at the Nederlander Theatre on West 41st Street, delivers with amazing dancing that has great energy, exuberance and incredible mid-air splits. In fact, the choreography by Christopher Gattelli easily makes headlines, and it beautifully complements the fun and entertaining lyrics by Jack Feldman, music by Alan Menken and book by Harvey Fierstein.

It is a musical that pays tribute to the plight and determination of the struggling common man, who, in this case, is a group of paper boys who sell the World newspaper.

Set in New York City in 1899, the show introduces Jack, a slick 17-year-old who lives on his own, understands the art involved in selling papers and makes his money by selling as many papers as he can. He and a large group of other boys sell papers in order to have enough to get by.

The paper they sell, the World, is losing money and its sales have dropped. The paper’s owner decides that since the paperboys have to pay for the papers they sell, he will raise the price they pay. Jack and the young men decide not to pay the increase, join together, form a union and go on strike.

They then have to bring together the newsies (paperboys) from all five boroughs and get them to join the strike to truly make it effective. These youth face adult men who beat them for striking, but they continue their mission to declare that they will not be treated poorly and taken advantage of.

The spirit of these newsies and their passion is contagious! When they perform numbers like “King of New York,” you will find your heart pounding and jumping with delight as you witness the exciting singing voices and some of the most thrilling dancing you will see on a Broadway stage. The ensemble tap numbers are phenomenal.

This cast is amazing. Besides the story of these young men, there’s also an engaging romance that develops. You need to go to the Nederlander Theatre and let your soul be delivered by this “Extra”-ordinary musical experience. It is thrilling for the entire family.

The cast features Jeremy Jordan, Kara Lindsay, John Dossett, Ben Fankhauser, Capathia Jenkins, Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Lewis Grosso. For

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