Monroe College wins first-ever district track championship (36919)
Monroe College wins first-ever district track championship (36918)

Monroe College has, without question, one of the top national athletic programs in the country. Not that any of their men’s and women’s teams are ready to take on the top Division I colleges in the country. They’re not. But you can bet they would love to give them a try.

Just the other week, the men’s track team won the school’s first-ever district track and field championship. This, coming on the heels of the women’s basketball team capturing their second-straight women’s national basketball championship.

Both men’s and women’s hoops squads continue to be collective forces in basketball and perennial national tournament contenders, while the school proudly collects national championship hardware. The man at the top–and one has to wonder just how long they’re going to keep him in the saddle–is Bert Shillinford, director of athletics. His collection of coaches is the key to the school’s perennial success.

Mark Goodman, coming off taking his track and field team to their district championship, said, “I am busting with pride. You don’t win these team championships by just showing up. This team dedicated themselves, and it was gratifying to our coaching staff.”