For seven years now, Jonathan Bodrick has brought vintage fashion, typical of downtown stores up to Harlem. From shoes, clothes and coats to jewelry and many other items, everything in this store is “Borrowed, Old, Refurbished or New”–where the name B.O.R.N. comes from.

Born and raised in New York, Bodrick said fashion has always been an important part of his life.

“I have always had my love and passion for fashion,” he said.

“Fashion is a freedom of expression for me. This is my thing with clothes–I love the visual feel of it. I love the feeling that people get when they try new clothes on. Fashion is very emotional and personal, and I love this interaction that I get with people,” he contined.

Convinced that he should build his career in the field, Bodrick decided at 21 to study fashion display and merchandising at college. But he dropped out quickly.

“Young, I was very impressionable, I just wanted to pursue my dream and work concretely in fashion” he said. After that, Bodrick started to work with designers and retailers.

But the idea of B.O.R.N. came to him when he used his brother’s photo studio to organize shopping parties in order to sell his collections.

“I have always loved collecting vintage clothes, but I didn’t know what to do with that. Then I started to sell them at shopping parties, and people showed me that they appreciate my work and encouraged me to open my own store.”

That is how B.O.R.N. was born.

While vintage boutiques are flourishing downtown, Bodrick found it essential to bring such a concept up to Harlem.

“Nobody was doing this yet. There are all the urban stores, but people need to do an eclectic mix of new and old clothes. People thank us for bringing such a concept up here,” he said.

Bodrick also manages to make his fashion accessible and affordable. Through shopping brunches, Bodrick and all his work team have created a real relationship with the shoppers.

Terry Artis, fashion consultant and B.O.R.N. co-founder, told the Amsterdam News, “When people step in this boutique, we don’t want them just to shop and leave. We want them to have a real moment with us.”

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