This year, Mother’s day won’t be about flowers and fancy gifts.

“Sunday will be all about outrage,” said Jodie Nicole, an organizer with Mothers Resisting Racist Policing, a group of black and brown mothers organizing a Mother’s Day response to police violence in their communities

The event will take place at 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 13, at East 158th Street and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx. Mothers Resisting Racist Policing is expecting mothers and community members to speak on a range of experiences with the police.

“It’s about releasing that pent-up energy that comes from internalizing the understanding that the police can perpetuate whatever they want against your self, your community and your kids,” Said Nicole. “We bottle all of this inside and implode in on ourselves. Sunday, we need to be able to have these honest conversations out in the open, and not let all of this get pent up inside us.”

This sentiment is strong among many groups organizing events for this Mother’s Day.

Leading up to Sunday, there is a Mothers Speak Out panel organized by Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) at the LGBT Community Center at 208 West 13th Street on Thursday, where mothers whose family members have been victims NYPD harassment will talk about their “anxiety and anger about the predatory tactics that the NYPD all too often applies to their sons, husbands, fathers and brothers,” according to a press release from PROP.

“This Mother’s Day, NYC mothers want justice and safe streets for their children,” reads the invite for PROP’s event.

On Thursday, there is also the weekly Ramarley Graham vigil in the Bronx, which organizers for Mothers Resisting Racist Policing said people should also show up for in honor of Mother’s Day. Graham’s mother, who is always present at the vigils, will no doubt be please to see the extra support.

“People should support whatever they see around them. Everything in the community has to do with mothers, not just Mother’s Day itself,” said Nicole.

“Say no to 684,330 stopped and frisked, to police in our schools, to police harassment in our halls and on our streets, to the inhumanity imposed by racist policing,” reads the flyer for A Mother’s Outrage.