Caba: A chic contemporary collection (39781)
Caba: A chic contemporary collection (39780)
Caba: A chic contemporary collection (39779)

At New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center, this season’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), from May 19-22, was quite a success. Designers, architects, furniture houses, appliance manufacturers and interior designers from all over the world displayed their most innovative concepts and designs. There were magnificent pieces of fine, modern furniture and appliances, lamps, decorative paper, fabrics and services for the trade and press viewings. Overall, the designs were magnificent, functional, contemporary and chic.

Caba Company, makers of Barkskin, were very excited to return to the ICFF in New York. According to one of the owners, Lara Rabkin, “The trip and the exposure to this world market is always successful and productive.”

Based in Sante Fe, N.M., this family-owned business began in 1973. For home or office, they design a natural paper used for stationery, wallpaper, lampshades, table surfaces, woven works and more. Their 2012 collection received rave reviews from architects, interior designers, press and other trade folks. Their works are really fabulous pieces of art–you could easily frame any one of their incredible designs and hang them on your wall.

The company offers a natural yet beautiful environmentally friendly, sustainable material to the interior design community.

Caba Company’s collection includes a rich, easy-to-blend natural color palette consisting of cinnamon, polomino, ivory, grey, buckskin and marble. The hybrid collection is designed to bring bolder colors to your space with a natural feel. The woven collection has a one-of-a-kind beauty and unique textures. Coba’s contemporary line features a modern take on a classic embossed circle pattern.

Their newest additions include a spider web woven sequence enhanced with more random starburst patterns and crazy lace. Each sheet is an elegant masterpiece of alternative design created by Mother Nature. The Caba Collection is available for trade and professionals

A primary and popular application, Barkskin continues to be used for wall-covering. It’s also utilized for commercial installations. This handmade wood material is extremely versatile and used for inventive projects that need a special touch. Good Show!