Towns endorses Barron (38317)

On Monday, June 4, 2012 Congressman Edolphus “Ed” Towns announced that he has endorsed City Councilmember Charles Barron in the June 26 primary race to represent the 8th Congressional District.

At a jam-packed press conference at the New Lots Avenue Barron for Congress headquarters, Rep. Towns announced his decision.

“Independent voices are needed more than ever in today’s political environment,” Towns stated. “That’s why I am giving my support to Charles Barron who has been an independent voice over the years. He is unselfish and is definitely has the interests of the people of this district at heart.”

“This endorsement from Congressman Ed Towns is yet another huge momentum builder for our campaign,” Barron told the AmNews. “It spurs on our grassroots’ efforts as did the endorsement from DC37 last week. These endorsements give a tremendous boost as we was head toward victory on June 26.”

Just a few weeks ago, after 15 terms in office, Towns, 77, (former 10th District, Brooklyn), shocked folk in the Peoples Republic of Brooklyn and far beyond – when he announced that he would not be running for re-election. He had been front runner in the primary for the newly-created 8th Congressional District – until he decided to retire after 30 years in Congress.

Barron’s only opponent in the congressional race now is Hakeem Jeffries, an attorney who has represented his Brooklyn (57th) district in the state Assembly for five years.

Barron, who has represented the 40th Council District since 2001, has long been regarded as an independent voice in New York City politics.

“Congressman Towns and I have worked on a number of projects in the district, like fighting for Starrett City,” said Barron. “We have always been courteous with each other despite some of the political differences we have had over the years.

“This is a good opportunity for our community to unite on issues that plague our district such as; foreclosures, crime, unemployment, police brutality, and stop and frisk.”