After a few days of outrage over the $54,000 football scholarship that Justin Combs, son of millionaire rapper Diddy, received Combs’ reaction to the backlash is clear: “Regardless what the circumstances are, I put that work in!!!!” PERIOD,” Combs said in a twitter post last Wednesday.

Combs posted the message in response to the controversy surrounding his newly awarded scholarship from UCLA. Opponents say that Combs, whose father is worth $550 million, does not have any real financial need for the scholarship. “Justin should donate that scholarship to some boy who can’t pay it,” said Miranda in a comment on about an article questioning the fairness of Combs’ scholarship. Yet despite that, there is still a strong online community of well-wishers and supporters of Combs’ $54,000 reward.

“Step back off Diddy’s son,” Russell Simmons said in a tweet.

Other tweets and comments on websites boasted that Combs winning scholarship should have nothing to do with Diddy’s wealth.

“He earned it & he’s taking away money away from no one,” Toure said in a tweet. Combs scholarship is not funded by taxes. UCLA athletic scholarships, including Combs’, “are entirely funded through UCLA Athletics ticket sales, corporate partnerships, media contracts, and private donations from supporters,” said UCLA in a statement released last Wednesday.

The online focus appears to be on, not where the money came from, but what Combs did to get it. “It’s his scholarship. It’s his life, it’s his career,” said Drake on “He earned the scholarship based on his talent.”